29 April 2024

How to Keep Your Smartphone Device Cool This Season

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The sun emerges from its winter slumber, casting long shadows and bringing a welcome dose of warmth. But for our ever-present companions, smartphones, summer’s embrace can be a double-edged sword. While we reach for them to capture those balmy evenings and beachside adventures, we might notice a frustrating phenomenon: a significant slowdown in charging speed. What gives?

The culprit isn’t your phone’s waning enthusiasm; it’s a clever built-in safety mechanism. Lithium-ion batteries, the powerhouses of our devices, are temperature sensitive. When things heat up, chemical reactions within the battery accelerate, leading to faster degradation and, in extreme cases, safety hazards. To prevent this, your phone’s temperature sensors act as vigilant guardians. Upon detecting rising heat during charging, they signal the charging circuitry to slow down the flow of electricity to the battery. While this slowdown might test our patience, it’s a necessary evil to ensure our phones don’t become miniature hotplates.

Beyond the Charger: The Heatwave’s Ripple Effect

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Slow charging is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to summer’s impact on smartphones. Here are some other potential issues to be aware of:

  • Performance Throttling: Similar to charging, your phone might throttle its processing power to prevent overheating. This can manifest as lags, stutters, and a sluggish overall performance.
  • Screen Dimming: To manage heat generation, your phone might automatically dim the screen, making it harder to navigate under the bright summer sun.
  • Camera Woes: High temperatures can disrupt camera functionality, leading to blurry photos or overheating warnings popping up on your screen.

Keeping Your Smartphone Device Cool This Summer

Sunshine is great, but it can turn your phone into a hot mess. Why? Because heat is the enemy of your phone’s battery. When things get toasty, the battery works overtime, which can damage it and slow down your phone. But fear not, there are ways to fight back and keep your phone cool this summer!

Battle Tactic #1: Shade is Your Friend

Phone Sun Shade

Just like you wouldn’t leave yourself baking in the sun, don’t leave your phone out either! Keep it tucked away in a cool, shaded spot whenever possible. This is especially important in your car – a parked car can turn into an oven on a hot day.

Battle Tactic #2: Strategic Charging

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Hot and charging? Not a good combo. Avoid charging your phone in hot places or direct sunlight. Instead, find a cool spot, like an air-conditioned room, to top up your battery.

Battle Tactic #3: Case On or Case Off?

 Phone Case

Cases protect your phone, but they can also trap heat. If you’re not worried about dropping your phone, consider taking the case off while it’s charging to help it cool down faster.

Battle Tactic #4: Cool It Down with Gadgets

Phone Cooling Fan

There are special gadgets like mini fans or cooling pads that attach to your phone and help it dissipate heat. These can be lifesavers, especially if you’re using your phone a lot for gaming or video calls.

Battle Tactic #5: Keep an Eye on the Temperature

Safe phone temperatures for an Android phone.

Many phone management apps show you the internal temperature. If it starts to climb, take action! Close any apps you’re not using, as these can drain the battery and generate heat.

Battle Tactic #6: Dim the Brightness

 dim the backlight and hold the phone away from their face

Turning down your screen brightness is a double whammy. It saves battery life, and it also generates less heat – a win-win for your phone on a hot day.

Battle Tactic #7: Close Those Background Apps

Background Apps

Apps running in the background can drain your battery and contribute to heat generation. Make a habit of closing any apps you’re not actively using.

Battle Tactic #8: Software Updates Are Your Ally

A smartphone preparing to install new software update.

Software updates often include improvements that help your phone manage heat better. Make sure you’re running the latest version to keep your phone cool and performing smoothly.

Battle Tactic #9: Give Your Phone a Break

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On hot days, avoid pushing your phone to its limits with heavy usage like gaming or video streaming. These activities can significantly increase the internal temperature. Take breaks and let your phone cool down occasionally.

By following these simple battle tactics, you can keep your phone cool and happy all summer long. Remember, a cool phone is a happy phone, and a happy phone means you can capture all those summer memories without any slowdowns!

General Smartphone Device Care Tips

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Taking care of your smartphone device goes beyond just summer survival. Here are some additional tips to keep your device happy and healthy year-round:

  • Stick to the Originals: Third-party chargers might not be optimised for your smartphone device and could potentially damage the battery or cause overheating. Use the original charger whenever possible.
  • Temperature Extremes are the Enemy: Don’t leave your smartphone device in a scorching hot car or a freezing cold environment for extended periods.
  • Port Power: Dust buildup in the charging port can hinder efficient charging. Use a compressed air can to clean it gently on your smartphone device.
  • Backup for Peace of Mind: Heat damage can lead to data loss. Regularly back up your smartphone device’s data to the cloud or an external storage device.
  • Consider Battery Replacement: Over time, batteries lose capacity. If your smartphone device consistently struggles to hold a charge, consider replacing the battery with a genuine one.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure your smartphone stays cool, charged, and performing at its best all year round. After all, a happy phone is a productive phone, and who wants a grumpy gadget when there are summer adventures to be captured and shared?

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