Hanooman AI With Support for 12 Indian Languages Launched: What it Does

Imagine a world where artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t limited by language. In India, a nation brimming with diverse cultures and languages, this has been a significant hurdle. But the tide is turning! Hanooman AI, a revolutionary GenAI platform, has launched with the power to understand and respond in a staggering

How to Connect Alexa

How to Connect Alexa to Your Smart Home Devices

Want to know How to Connect Alexa ? Imagine a world where you can control your home environment with just the sound of your voice. Lights turn on as you enter a room, the thermostat adjusts to your ideal temperature before you even arrive, and calming music fills the air

clear cache on iphone

How to clear cache on iphone and Android Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Is your phone feeling sluggish lately? Apps taking forever to load? Scrolling through social media feels like a chore? This could be a sign that your phone’s cache is overflowing. Let’s dive into what cache is and how to clear it on both Android and iPhone devices to get your

Android 15

Google I/O 2024: Unveiling Android 15, AI & More! (May 14th)

Get ready for tech enthusiasts, developers, and anyone curious about the future – Google I/O 2024 is just around the corner! This annual developer conference is Google’s platform to showcase their latest advancements, and this year promises to be a big one. We can expect a deep dive into the