12 March 2024

Stop Spam Calls Now! Use India’s Powerful Chakshu Portal

Spam Calls

Spam calls. Those unwelcome interruptions that disrupt your day, peddle unwanted products, or worse, try to scam you. We’ve all been there. But fear not, there’s a new weapon in the fight against this digital nuisance: the Government’s Chakshu Portal. 

What is the Chakshu Portal?


Launched by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Chakshu is an online platform designed to empower citizens to report suspected fraudulent communication. This includes:

  • Spam Calls: Those annoying interruptions trying to sell you something you don’t need.
  • Spam SMS: Unwanted text messages, often with phishing links or trying to trick you into giving away personal information.
  • Suspicious WhatsApp Messages: Messages from unknown numbers or those containing suspicious content.

How Does Chakshu Work?

Reporting spam on Chakshu is a simple process:

  1. Visit the Sanchar Saathi Website: Head over to https://sancharsaathi.gov.in/.
  2. Citizen Centric Services: Scroll down and click on “Citizen Centric Services.”
  3. Report Suspected Fraud Communication: Select the “Chakshu” option.
  4. Provide Details: Fill out the form with details about the suspected spam. This includes the type of communication (call, SMS, WhatsApp), the category of fraud (e.g., fake customer care, bank scam), and any additional information like the date, time, phone number, or message content.
  5. Optional Screenshot: You can even attach a screenshot of the spam message for further evidence.
  6. Verification and Submission: Verify your mobile number with a one-time password (OTP) and submit your report.

What Happens After Reporting Spam Calls?

The information you provide is collected by the DoT and used for several purposes:

  • Identification of Spam Trends: By analyzing reported data, authorities can identify patterns and commonly used tactics by spammers.
  • Improved Call Filtering: This data helps telecom providers develop more effective call-blocking solutions to filter out spam calls before they reach your phone.
  • Potential Legal Action: In cases of persistent or malicious spam campaigns, the reported data can be used for legal investigations and prosecution.

Beyond Empowerment: The Wider Impact of Reporting Spam on Chakshu


While taking control and reducing personal annoyance are certainly benefits of using Chakshu, the portal’s impact extends far beyond individual users. Here’s a deeper look at the positive ripple effects of collective action through Chakshu:

1. Enhanced Telecom Security:

  • Improved Call Blocking: By analyzing reported data, telecom providers can identify frequently used spam call tactics and phone numbers. This allows them to develop more sophisticated call-blocking filters that can automatically block these calls before they reach your phone.
  • Targeted Enforcement: When specific phone numbers or call centers emerge as repeat offenders, the DoT can work with telecom companies to take them down. This could involve blocking their numbers entirely or even pursuing legal action.

2. Widespread Public Awareness:

  • Education Through Reporting: The act of reporting spam on Chakshu itself can be an educational experience. Users become more aware of the different types of spam and the tactics used by scammers. This knowledge can be shared with friends and family, creating a more informed and vigilant public.
  • Media Attention: As the volume of reports on Chakshu grows, it’s likely to attract media attention. This public awareness campaign can further educate people about spam risks and encourage them to use Chakshu to report suspicious activity.

3. Collaborative Action with Messaging Platforms:

  • Data Sharing: The DoT can share anonymized data from Chakshu reports with messaging platforms like WhatsApp. This data can help them identify and block suspicious accounts or implement stricter spam detection measures on their platforms.
  • Joint Initiatives: Collaboration between the DoT and messaging platforms could lead to joint initiatives focused on educating users about spam risks and best practices for staying safe online.

By reporting spam on Chakshu, you’re not just protecting yourself. You’re contributing to a safer and more secure communication environment for everyone in India. The collective power of user reports can empower authorities, telecom providers, and even messaging platforms to take decisive action against spammers and cybercriminals. Remember, every report counts!

Remember: Chakshu is for reporting suspected fraudulent communication, not for reporting incidents where you’ve already lost money or become a victim of cybercrime. For those situations, contact the cybercrime helpline number 1930 or visit the website https://cybercrime.gov.in/.

Silence the Spam with Chakshu

By utilizing the Chakshu portal and combining it with other anti-spam strategies (like not answering unknown numbers or using call-blocking apps), you can significantly reduce the number of unwanted calls and messages you receive. So, take a stand against spam and make Chakshu your weapon of choice!

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