4 April 2024

Google Podcasts Shutdown: Your Essential Guide to Podcast Migration

Google Podcasts

 A Guide to Transitioning from Google Podcasts. The recent announcement regarding the discontinuation of Google Podcasts necessitates a plan for listeners to migrate their curated content.

This blog outlines the process of transferring subscriptions to ensure a seamless continuation of your podcast listening experience.

Google Podcasts Shutdown Why?

Google Podcasts

There are two main reasons why Google Podcasts is shutting down:

  1. Consolidation Strategy: Google seems to be aiming for a unified audio platform. By integrating podcasts into YouTube Music, they hope to simplify their offerings and potentially compete more effectively with other all-in-one services like Spotify and Amazon Music.

  2. Lower Usage Compared to Competitors: While Google Podcasts had a decent user base, statistics suggest it wasn’t keeping pace with rivals like Apple Podcasts or Spotify. By focusing on YouTube Music, which already has a larger user base for music streaming, Google might be aiming to create a stronger podcasting contender.

Choosing Your New Platform

Several robust podcasting platforms exist, each catering to specific user preferences. Here are a few prominent options:

  • Spotify: A dominant force in the audio sphere, Spotify provides a vast podcast library integrated with its music streaming service.
  • Apple Podcasts: A strong contender, particularly for Apple users, Apple Podcasts offers a user-friendly interface and a well-curated selection of shows.
  • Pocket Casts: Renowned for its robust feature set and customization options, Pocket Casts is a favorite amongst veteran podcast listeners.
  • Overcast: Another feature-rich app, Overcast is lauded for its intelligent speed controls and sleek design.

Subscription Transfer Methods

Google Podcasts

Two primary methods facilitate the transfer of your subscriptions:

  • Direct Transfer to YouTube Music: This streamlined approach leverages Google’s recommendation for its music streaming platform. Within the Google Podcasts app, locate the shutdown notification and select “Export Subscriptions.” Choose “Export to YouTube Music” and designate the appropriate Gmail account to link your subscriptions. This straightforward process may incur a slight delay before all shows appear in YouTube Music.

  • Exporting to a Third-Party App: This method affords greater flexibility. In the Google Podcasts app, navigate to the export banner and select “Download” under “Export Subscriptions.” This generates a file named “google-podcasts-subscriptions.opml” on your device. Subsequently, open your chosen podcast app and locate its import settings. Look for an option to “Import OPML” and utilize the downloaded file. Your subscriptions should then be transferred to your new platform.

Considerations for a Smooth Transition

While transferring subscriptions is central to the migration process, some additional aspects require attention:

  • Playlists and Playback History: These elements might not migrate seamlessly. While some apps support importing playlists from OPML files, it’s not a universal feature. Rebuilding playlists manually might be necessary.
  • Downloaded Episodes: Downloaded episodes from Google Podcasts won’t automatically transfer. Thankfully, most podcast apps enable episode downloads for offline listening, allowing you to redownload your favorites within the new app.

Embracing the Podcast Frontier


The closure of Google Podcasts presents a shift in the podcasting landscape, but it also unlocks opportunities for exploration. Each platform fosters a unique user experience with a distinct set of features. Consider this an opportunity to discover a platform that aligns perfectly with your listening habits.

Don’t hesitate to experiment. Evaluate a few apps, explore their interfaces, and identify the one that feels most intuitive. You might be surprised by functionalities you never knew existed, such as variable playback speeds or personalized episode filters.

Most importantly, maintain your podcasting passion! The podcasting world boasts an abundance of exceptional content across diverse genres. Embrace the change and prepare to embark on a captivating adventure in the dynamic world of audio entertainment.

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