16 March 2024

5 Reasons Why Microsoft Copilot Pro Will Revolutionize Coding in India

Microsoft Copilot Pro

Calling all coders, creators, and productivity enthusiasts in India! Microsoft Copilot Pro has finally landed, bringing its advanced AI magic to your fingertips. Let’s dive into what Copilot Pro offers, how much it costs, and how you can leverage it to supercharge your workflow.

What is Microsoft Copilot Pro?

Microsoft Copilot Pro

Microsoft Copilot Pro takes the foundation of the free Copilot version and injects it with steroids, transforming it into a powerful AI companion for developers, creators, and anyone seeking enhanced productivity. Here’s a breakdown of what Copilot Pro offers:

1. Enhanced Code Completion and Assistance: Imagine having an AI assistant whispering suggestions in your ear as you code. Copilot Pro leverages advanced language models like GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo to provide real-time code completion, suggest relevant functions and libraries, and even anticipate your next coding step. This translates to faster development cycles and less time spent searching for syntax or appropriate code blocks.

2. AI-powered Creativity: Stuck on writer’s block for your documentation or comments? Copilot Pro can help! It can generate different creative text formats, acting as a brainstorming partner to kickstart your creative juices. Need a clear and concise summary of your code’s functionality? Copilot Pro can generate comments that explain your code in a way that others can understand.

3. Repetitive Task Automation: Feeling bogged down by repetitive coding tasks? Copilot Pro can automate these for you. It can identify patterns in your coding style and suggest code snippets or entire functions to automate common tasks. This frees you up to focus on the more complex and creative aspects of your coding projects.

4. Supercharged Microsoft 365 Integration: Beyond the coding realm, Copilot Pro supercharges your Microsoft 365 experience. It integrates seamlessly with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, offering features like:

  • Effortlessly generating drafts for emails and documents, overcoming writer’s block and saving you time.
  • Summarizing lengthy emails, allowing you to quickly grasp the key points without getting bogged down in details.
  • Designing stunning presentations with the help of Copilot Pro’s AI-powered suggestions and image creation tools.

5. Customizable Copilot GPTs: Here’s where Copilot Pro gets really interesting. You can personalize Copilot Pro to understand your specific coding style and preferences. Over time, Copilot Pro learns your coding habits and suggests solutions tailored to your workflow, making it an extension of your own coding brain.

In essence, Microsoft Copilot Pro is an AI-powered productivity and creativity booster. It streamlines coding tasks, assists with content creation, and integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft 365 tools, making you a more efficient and powerful developer or content creator.

The India Price Point

Microsoft Copilot Pro is available in India for ₹2,000 per user, per month. This unlocks the entire suite of features mentioned above.

Taking Copilot Pro for a Spin

Before committing to a subscription, you can experience Copilot Pro firsthand with a free one-month trial. Simply download the Copilot mobile app on iOS or Android and activate the trial.

How to Use Copilot Pro

There are two main ways to leverage Copilot Pro’s power:

  • Within your coding environment: Copilot Pro integrates with popular coding platforms, providing real-time suggestions, code completion, and context-aware assistance.
  • Inside Microsoft 365 web apps: Streamline your workflow by utilizing Copilot Pro’s AI features within Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Generate drafts, translate languages, and craft compelling presentations in a flash.

Is Copilot Pro Right for You?

If you’re a developer seeking to boost your coding efficiency, a content creator looking for inspiration, or a busy professional striving to make the most of your workday, Copilot Pro is definitely worth considering. The one-month free trial allows you to experiment and see if it fits your needs.


Microsoft Copilot Pro

Microsoft Copilot Pro marks a significant step forward in AI-powered productivity. With its arrival in India, developers and creators now have access to a powerful tool that can unlock their full potential. So, are you ready to take your workflow to the next level? Try Copilot Pro today and witness the magic of AI in action!

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